Web Design 101:

Web Design is a comprehensive process with several objectives that need to be met. A web designer, quite literally, designs the website from scratch, taking into account a customer’s specific objectives; how they want the website to work, how they want it to look and what they want it to achieve. The designer will then wireframe the website, before finally moving into the create-and-build stage, which often takes several weeks.

The Famenkko team will consider several aspects or principles when planning any web design. A website should not only look good but it must also function well, provide a positive user experience and meet the customer’s objectives. Here are some of the things we take into consideration:

Famenkko includes good layout considerations when undertaking web design


The website’s physical layout is an important aspect for web designers to consider. Web designers will ensure an even combination of heavy and light elements in order to create a balanced layout. A good website will combine both to best effect. It will also employ a good balance of images and content. A website needs to give relevant information, but not so much that the user is bored. Likewise, the appropriate use of images can provide visual anchoring for accompanying informational text.

Famenkko considers the use of colour to be an important aspect of web design


A web designer will balance the use of colour, using either contrasting colour for bold effect or complementary colour. Colour may be used to emphasise or highlight certain areas of a website.


When arranging the various elements of a website, consistency is a critical web design principle. The journey through the website must make sense and be logical for the user. A well thought out navigation menu, for example, will provide visitors with a smooth and streamlined website experience.


Ensuring the various parts of a website are well integrated and unified is another important consideration. The human brain will organise information, in a visual way, by grouping different elements into categories. This is the basis of what is known as the Gestalt theory. Utilising the principles of the Gestalt theory when designing a website will make the difference between a straightforward and inviting website, or a confusing and complicated website.


If you’re feeling a bit lost or aren’t sure which direction to take, the team at Famenkko can help you out! From tweaking existing content, creating all new content, or putting together an exciting and dynamic web presence, we’ve got it covered.

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