We love editing. It’s an understatement to say the team at Famenkko are pedantic about spelling, grammar and readability!

The team at Famenkko offer editing and proofreading services for errors such as spelling, grammar, punctuation and sentence structure. We’ll also suggest amendments for improved readability and web optimisation.

What is Web Optimised or Search Engine Optimised Content?

Web Optimised or Search Engine Optimised (SEO) content is information that is written in a specific way. The purpose is to ensure that the information contained within a web page or pages is written in a way which ranks well in search results, increasing traffic to the site. Search engines take into account the way that internet users search for subject material. This includes the use of keywords and relevant content. Incomplete information or missing data results in a page being ranked lower by search engines.

Whether we’re editing or creating new content, the team at Famenkko take care to ensure that all our written content is search engine optimised, using the following criteria:

  • It must be real information, written for real users. It should contain a good number of keywords so that the pages can be indexed correctly by search engines. However, we are mindful not to overstuff with keywords, simply to manipulate rankings. We endeavour to keep in mind the subject material and the audience you are trying to capture and write content accordingly.
  • The information should be easy to read and understand. A measure of intuitivity is required to include words or phrases that ordinary users would employ to search topics.
  • The information must conform to SEO guidelines, without the use of “black hat SEO” – content that may include deceptive  information or which employs tricks to bypass search algorithms.
Gain better web content with our editing and seo services

Some thoughts about grammar and punctuation…

Clear, well defined punctuation, together with good grammar, makes for a pleasant reading experience. Not only that, the use of good punctuation and grammar is essential to ensure we convey the correct information. These literary tools are not outdated or irrelevant but vitally important to get right.

While we’re generally happy to let certain ‘rules’ slide when we’re texting or tweeting, it’s really important to make sure we get it right when we’re in a professional capacity. Poor grammar or punctuation can make it difficult for our audience to understand the information that’s being given. Visually, the experience is clunky and jarring. The reader may need to go through the information several times to figure out what we’re getting at. Incorrect or difficult phrasing can dramatically change the meaning of the text. And unfortunately, it can also give the impression that we don’t actually know what we’re talking about.


Don’t panic – Famenkko can help! For advice about improving your content or for more information regarding our SEO and editing services, give us a call or contact us by email.

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