We’re a Web Design and Content Writing company, based in the Northern Rivers. The team at Famenkko are passionate about creating fresh and amazing websites that include great content.

Famenkko is all about exciting website design, filled with creative content

We’re a little bit different!

The team at Famenkko are a little different from your average web design company. We know that looking good is only half the story – a website’s content needs to be interesting, informative and just as easy on the eyes. A visually stunning website can disappoint with lack of attention to detail or by being peppered with spelling or grammatical errors. We believe that a good design will include all aspects of the website; its visual appeal as well as its credibility.

You can find out about Famenkko at www.famenkko.com

We’re unapologetically OTT (over.the.top)!

It would be an understatement to say we’re pedantic about spelling, grammar and readability. When you choose to have a website designed by Famenkko, this means you don’t just get something that looks good. Our websites are completed with all the content included, meaning all the hard work is done for you! This specifically includes content which is internet friendly, search engine optimised and proofread for spelling and grammatical errors.

The team at Famenkko use WordPress for easy management of your content. WordPress is considered to be the most popular open source Content Management System (CMS) and is used by approximately 75 million websites. WordPress is compatible with thousands of  plugins and templates, offering a flexible yet powerful interface on which to design and build your perfect website. WordPress enables us to design and build a custom website for each customer, without the need for expensive or time consuming coding.

We’re super friendly and very flexible.

We appreciate receiving friendly and professional service ourselves so our mission is to offer the same to our customers. A happy customer means “a job well done” for our team! We work closely with you, the customer, to ensure you get exactly the website you’ve envisaged (or possibly something a little better!). We’re happy to offer several different packages, enabling our customers to have complete flexibility with their requirements.


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